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Sugar-Free Vanilla Dark Chocolate,

99% Solomon Islands

INGREDIENTS: 99% cacao ( from Solomon Islands cacao beans), & whole organic vanilla pods, that's it.

This bar was born for our sugar-free chocolate lovers!

It can also be used to make a single serving of thick ceremonial cacao drink, just add 200ml water and bring to a gentle boil!

Our bean-to-bar chocolate is packed with whole Cacao beans! They are a versatile wholefood packed with iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc. It’s hormone balancing and rich in antioxidants, single origin cacao beans sourced from the Solomon Islands. We believe health is wealth, so we’re keeping it simple and clean. All our chocolate is made with as few ingredients as possible, our beans are kindly and sustainably sourced. We create from the heart and love supporting the beautiful farmers who grow our cacao beans in Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands. Thank you for supporting them too and supporting our small business, every time you enjoy any Bean To Infinity product.


We appreciate you and your chocolate-loving self!

99% Solomon Islands Vanilla Bean (Sugar-Free)

  • In honour of our journey with Bean To Infinity and the farmers of Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, our chocolate is un-tempered and real, just as they enjoy it in the Islands. This means it will naturally evolve with time and become airy and will not melt so easily! The quality and taste of the ingredients stay the same, just as super as when it was first made. We love that we're doing things a bit different, outside the mould you could say!

    May your heart open to abundant whole bean cacao!

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