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A small team of cacao lovers, in Aotearoa, New Zealand. We are working consciously to support the thriving of the cacao farming communities who grow our cacao in the Pacific and beyond. We honour the lineage of the potent cacao beans we work with and infuse our aroha, love into each micro batch of stoneground cacao and chocolate we craft, from bean to bar.

Bean To Infinity represents one brush stroke of the beautiful bigger picture: the network of artisans crafting bean-to-bar chocolate using ethically sourced, slave-free cacao beans. Part of our mission is to bring Mama Cacao to you in her full potency, with just a few simple organic ingredients,
so real good chocolate and cacao can flow freely in every home.

Collectively we are moving away from separation, and more into unity, this is what is healing for cacao/ceremonial cacao/cocoa/chocolate too.... You see without the word trickery or industry language, all the above terms have roots from the cacao tree and its beautiful pods, each holding around 50 cacao beans. Just magical. We look forward to seeing you connect with cacao soon!

with aroha, Zoe and the team xx

Zoe and Cacao Bean Sack_edited.jpg
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