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Whole bean Cacao Goodness!

Order yours now!

Bean to Infinity is an initiative to share the wisdom and beauty of Cacao with the world and as it is still in creation in it's early days, we are working very hard to get products made. We have cacao goodness ready for you to order now! If we are out of stock of your favorite product or  it's a cacao gathering with loved ones  will be in touch with an estimated delivery time.

Cacao Hearts

Our Cacao Hearts are 100% pure Cacao Paste, stoneground and naturally ceremonial grade.
Pre-measured into easy serving-sized hearts.
Create your own silky cacao drink at home.

Comes with 12 hearts (6 servings)

Ingredients: 100% Cacao Paste

Chocolate Bar

These 70 % chocolate bars have been hand crafted by Zoe

150g chocolate bar, packaged in compostable plastic
Ingredients: Cacao (70%), Coconut Sugar

Roasted Cacao Beans

Cacao beans that have been roasted and hand peeled by Zoe.

Packaged with Aroha in a reusable compostable bag
400g Cacao Beans

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